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Solarwinds Papertrail
Cloud-hosted log management for faster troubleshooting of infrastructure and application issues

Solarwinds Papertrail



The Papertrail time-saving log tools include fast lightning search, flexible system groups, team-wide access, long-term archives, charts and analytics exports, monitoring webhooks, and typically a 45-second setup.

Realize value from logs you already collect. Track down customer problems, error messages, app requests, slow DB queries, and config changes. Quickly visualize patterns and identify anomalies with log velocity analytics.

Log management shouldn’t be hard.
Do you find yourself asking…

How can I gain instant visibility into my logs?

Papertrail gives you a single interface to view all your log files.

How can I analyze my logs in real-time?

Automatically scan your logs and parse events into individual data tokens.

How can I consolidate my syslog messages on the cloud?

Consolidate events to a single location for easier storage and management.

Features Overview

With Papertrail, you can consolidate your logs in one place with a cloud-hosted log management service that takes typically only minutes to set up.


Quickly diagnose and fix customer problems, error messages, app server errors, and slow DB queries with full visibility across all logs.

Unexpected Simplicity

Papertrail is easy to implement, use, and understand. You get instant visibility across all systems in minutes.


Starting at $7.00/month, Papertrail has many easy-to-understand plans that are available to meet your requirements.

Full Stack Monitoring

Papertrail is part of SolarWinds Cloud™, the next evolution of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portfolio for monitoring cloud-native applications and infrastructures.


Troubleshoot fast
Diagnosing a monitoring alert, app server error, customer service ticket, or missing email? Just search or tail messages, metadata, even substrings. Jump to a time, system, group of systems, or context. Save searches to reuse and even show to coworkers. With lightning search and velocity graphs, faster log searches and error visualization result in quicker diagnoses and shorter time to resolution.

See related events together
Create flexible log views in a few clicks. Turn related systems into event streams, like NY colo, Big App, or DB servers. Automatically put new systems in the right place using hostname wildcards. Save searches to create a “curated” log dashboard.

Spread visibility around
Help less-technical staff take advantage of logs (without SSH/RDP knowledge or access). A lead engineer can populate groups, searches, and alerts that the team can use. Stay current without logging in. Receive nightly summary emails and copy-friendly links. One syntax works for web, CLI, and API.

Get back to work
Typically setup averages 45 seconds and works with autoscaling cloud systems, VPSes, NAT, dynamic IPs, and log hosts. Papertrail is fully supported and you can use any common syslog daemon or our collector for text log files.

React and Analyze
Mix in other web services and your own apps. Have Papertrail notify your app via HTTP when a search has new matching logs. Your app can reside anywhere on the internet.


Aggregate logs

Instant visibility
Consolidate syslog, text log files, Apache, Windows events, cloud hosting, MySQL, and more.

Tail and search logs

Troubleshoot faster
Search stored or streaming log data. Use the search query syntax to quickly troubleshoot issues. Search large volumes of logs messages in a flash with our lightning search capability.

Receive instant alerts

Be the first to know
Receive alerts via email, or send them to Slack, Librato, PagerDuty, or custom HTTP webhooks.

Analyze logs

Get in-depth analysis
Papertrail log archives can be loaded into Redshift, Hadoop, and more for queries and analytics. With log velocity analytics, visualize log throughput to quickly identify patterns and anomalies.

Scale your logs

Scale to any log volume
Papertrail can scale to your log volume and desired searchable duration.

Filter logs

Choose the messages which are most useful to you.
Apply filters to your logs to drop unnecessary messages, and pay only for the ones you want.

Clone existing alerts

Never type the same alert settings twice
Create new or multiple alerts by copying details from one of your existing alerts to save time.

Colorize links

More colorful logging
Enhance readability using ANSI color codes, or automatically colorize name and program name.


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