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Solarwinds MongoDB Monitoring Tool for Performance and Optimization
Real-time and historical analysis of MongoDB query performance, execution, and index usage

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Overview - Database Performance Monitor:

Open-Source Database Performance Monitoring

Database Performance Monitor (DPM) provides deep database performance monitoring at scale, without overhead. Our SaaS-based platform helps increase system performance, team efficiency, and infrastructure cost savings by offering full visibility into major open-source databases including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Amazon Aurora, and Redis.

Features Overview

  • 24/7 monitoring, for both real-time and historical analysis
  • One-second granularity helps you spot and diagnose small performance issues
  • Compare queries, databases, and more with custom side-by-side views
  • Comprehensive database performance analytics include query samples and explain plans
  • Weekly and daily summary reports and customizable alerts
  • Unified view of all your database types and servers to understand your system
  • Meaningful summaries show you golden signals of service quality and health for database and system performance

Database Support

Database Supported

Features - MongoDB Monitoring Tool:

dpm-Performance monitoring

Performance monitoring designed specifically for MongoDB

Using automated profiling analysis, intuitive dashboards, and visualizations, cross-function teams spanning development, DevOps, and DBAs can track latency, throughput, errors, and more, across their entire MongoDB ecosystem with SolarWinds® Database Performance Monitor (DPM). Performance issues can be resolved in minutes instead of spending hours analyzing query logs or manually executing and testing queries.

MongoDB best practice guidance

DPM reviews the settings in the operating system, database instances, and replica sets and identifies inconsistencies with MongoDB best practices. Expert advice following best practices helps users identify which metrics are important to track and how to evaluate them, and how to troubleshoot common problems unique to MongoDB.

dpm-best practice guidance

dpm-configuration and security checks

Automated configuration and security checks

Designed to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks taking advantage of misconfigurations in MongoDB deployments, DPM continuously evaluates configurations to identify vulnerabilities and provides ongoing compliance status updates.

Key Benefits:

  • Visualize thousands of collected metrics across thousands of databases with simple-to-create and -share charts
  • Cross-functional team workflow is facilitated with notebooks to create and share knowledge
  • Optimize resources and reduce database incidents with one-second resolution into workloads
  • Ship better code
    • See query response before and after a deployment event
    • Examine query details and performance including samples and execution plans
    • Compare the performance of your top queries over time
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose outages
    • Correlate query response or behavior to system metrics to understand impacts
    • Isolate unusual behavior and potential contributing factors within the database
  • Understand database health
    • Track metrics and watch for trends with health summary for databases and systems
    • Get recommendations based on best practices
    • Explore and examine performance outliers


  • Support for physical, virtual, and cloud-based databases, including AWS RDS
  • Architecture
    • Secure, cloud-hosted platform
    • In-flight and at-rest encryption
    • Role-based access control, single sign-on, and SAML integration
    • Configurable option to filter customer sensitive data
    • Built on the International ISO/IEC 27000 family of standards
    • GDPR compliant along with SOC 2 Type II certification
    • Alerting and integration module allows for injection warnings to be transmitted directly to email, Slack, Victorops, or any number of messaging systems




Compare query and system performance with before and after charts, and quickly search for newly introduced queries



Visualize and correlate query behavior to system metrics to help troubleshoot performance issues and impact


Download the Solarwinds Database Performance Monitor Datasheet (.PDF)

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